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“So God Made a Farmer”

I’m sure you have already seen the Super Bowl commercial from Dodge Ram trucks. But just in case you haven’t, I have posted the video here for your enjoyment!  By the way, it is okay to be PROUD and even tear-up if you want to.  I am proud and I did cry a bit too.

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Dave Robison

Cover Crop Road Trip

Cover Crop Education On the Road Hi folks. I know that most of you have been dying for new blog posts and a newsletter from me. I realize that you can’t sleep at night because you are wondering “is Dave okay?” I appreciate that – even if it’s not true! So where have I been? […]

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Corn Planted into "Forager Mix" - a mix of Oats, Cereal Rye, and Appin Turnips

Do Cover Crops Hinder Corn Population?

Cover Crop Problems? I often hear folks saying that farmers should be careful planting into cover crops. There is fear that: “there will be slugs.” you “can’t adequately kill the cover crops.” you can’t depend on getting a “normal” stand. Well, here we are after one of the wettest Springs in the Eastern Corn Belt […]

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Cover Crop plots in December-What can we tell now? part 2

In this post we look at two more videos of mixes on December 2, 2010.  This first mix in this session is of Austrian Winter Peas and GroundHog Radishes.  The seeding rate is 30# Peas and 5# of Radish per acre.  The main thing we observe in this plot is the larger radishes than we […]

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Big Radish fed by Crimson Clover

The video below shows the value of Crimson Clover in a cover crop setting.  Crimson clover has been tested and shown to produce as much as 140#/N after it has been planted after wheat.  The plots in this video were planted around July 29, 2010 by the Jasper and Newton County SWCD folks (Thanks Dan […]

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Annual Ryegrass Roots Video – 40″ deep in 2 1/2 months!

I was in western Pulaski County of Indiana again yesterday afternoon (11/16/2010) at the Leman farm. This is the third year that the Leman’s have used cover crops. Curt Leman dug some pits for us so we could see what kind of rooting depth we have achieved since the annual ryegrass was planted on Sept […]

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What Cover Crop Geeks Do For Fun…

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Video of Austrian Winter Pea Roots 11/11/2010

Puny, they just look puny this year!  Those Austrian Winter Peas are supposed to be 30″ tall like 2009…well, with less than 2″ of rain in NW Ohio since mid-July, I guess they look pretty good…but still puny.  THAT is why I take a shovel with me…I want to see what they are really doing […]

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Radish and Crimson Clover Video

This video was taken from a cover crop plot in Newton County Indiana.  The plot was in a field that was prevented from being planted by water ponding in the Spring of 2010.  The mix is called “N-Vest Crimson Cover-All Mix” and is sold by CISCO Seeds.  Even with very little moisture, (it was planted in […]

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Cover Crop Slurry Seeding Video

Dr. Tim Harrigan from Michigan State has been working on slurry seeding cover crops the past few years with very good success.  I’ve included his video to let him tell you how he’s doing it!

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