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It only takes a few annual ryegrass plants that produce seed to create a weed problem - especially if wheat is in the rotation.

Can Cover Crops Become Weeds?

In a previous post I wrote that cover crops can suppress weeds.  And many farmers are planting them with that primary benefit in mind. But, can cover crops become weeds? Unfortunately, the answer is “yes, they can.”  Obviously we never want this to happen on our farm.  And with good management practices, we can lessen […]

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Cover Crops and Herbicide Carryover

University of Illinois Extension weed scientist Aaron Hager has published a couple of newsletter articles on the topic of herbicide carryover.  He will be publishing additional results in the future. Be Aware of the Potential for Herbicide Carryover and Considerations for Fall-Seeded Small Grains Thanks to Fred Iutzi, Manager, Value-Added Sustainable Development Center, Illinois Institute […]

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Radishes growing in corn

Terminating Cover Crops – Use Residual Herbicide

Terminating cover crops is part of the “stepped-up management” that using cover crops requires.  Over the past month I shot videos about killing annual ryegrass, killing crimson clover, and about the difference of killing cereal rye and annual ryegrass.  In each of the videos I examined the importance of killing the cover crop…and killing it […]

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Impact herbicide

Chemicals to Watch Out for when Planting Cover Crops

A few weeks ago I spoke at a meeting in Tipton County, IN about what chemicals to watch out for when a producer was following corn or soybeans with cover crops. My instruction then and now is – “Follow the label” AND “talk to your chemical supplier” about what is safe for planting brassicas, clovers, […]

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No-Till Corn on Corn planted into Oats and AU Robin Crimmson Clover

Photo diary- Corn after a cover crop (after corn)

“Planting this corn field was like planting into a garden” said my friend Dave.   He has been a ‘cover cropper” for six years now.  This year Dave no-tilled approximately 50% of his acres.  Dave is one of the most innovative guys I know…but he’s also “cautious”; he does not want to lose money!  That’s why […]

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Managing Cereal Rye

Here is a very good article from Penn State on managing cereal rye – via the No-Till Farmer website.—Tips-For-Cereal-Rye-Management.php

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What herbicides can I use and still plant cover crops?

I am NOT a chemical expert.  However, there are many experts I rely on when I need answers.  One of the most asked questions I have received over the past three weeks is:  “What chemical program can I use so that I can plant cover crops?” When it comes to spraying wheat we know that there are […]

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