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Pasja with Pearl Millet

Prevented Planting Seeding Options

I recorded this video a few weeks ago for the seed company I work for. After receiving numerous calls and e-mails asking for help on what to plant, I decided to put this presentation together.  Many of the options I mentioned as being viable to plant in mid-June can still be planted in July. Please […]

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Sudangrass can get quite tall and yield a plenty if managed well.

Summer Annual Grasses for Cover Crops for Prevented Planting Acres

With an abundance of prevented planting acres in Wisconsin and Minnesota in 2013, there is a need for cover crops to help build soil during the soil’s “idle” time.  In this post I’ll mainly focus on summer annual grasses that work well in the Midwest. These recommendations will focus on whether feed is needed or […]

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Many acres were never planted into row crops in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and other states in 2011.

Prevented planting and cover crops- Risk Management Agency rules

Here is a listing of links from USDA’s Risk Management Agency  that pertain to prevented planting.  I hope most of you folks never need these; but I know many of you might need them this year!  Thanks to Desiree King from RMA for passing these along (and for all of here help in this matter). […]

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Update on RMA Cover Crop Decision

Hey Folks, Here’s an  email I received yesterday from Eliav Biton, National Wildlife Federation, who has been working diligently on the topic of cover crops with the RMA. I wanted to get it out to you right away. We’re receiving many questions about cover crop options for prevented planting acres. All, I spoke by phone with RMA […]

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RMA Changes Policy on Cover Crops: Short Reprieve Given

Folks, In response to an unprecedented number of unplanted acres in the Eastern Corn Belt, the Springfield Regional RMA office has released an update to their policy requirements with regard to terminating cover crops.  The former policy had the termination date set at May 15.  While many areas of Indiana and Ohio were hit with […]

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Big Radish fed by Crimson Clover

The video below shows the value of Crimson Clover in a cover crop setting.  Crimson clover has been tested and shown to produce as much as 140#/N after it has been planted after wheat.  The plots in this video were planted around July 29, 2010 by the Jasper and Newton County SWCD folks (Thanks Dan […]

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