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This green leaf tells us that the plant is not entirely dead.  While we may have a 99% kill this plant will end up producing seed if it is not terminated.

Killing Cover Crop Annual Ryegrass – How Are We Doing?

Over the winter of 2011-12 I did nearly 55 cover crop meetings across the Midwest.  And one of the “hottest” topics was how to kill annual ryegrass in the spring. This topic is almost like the Tim Tebow of the cover crop world. Some have no problems managing it and some hate it (cannot get […]

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Formula for Killing Tall Annual Ryegrass

It’s May 7, 2011. I received five phone calls yesterday from farmers that have wet fields…flooded fields, and knee high annual ryegrass and winter rye.  The question from all five can be summed up as “I wanted to kill my cover crop earlier but it was too cold, now it’s too wet; this stuff is growing […]

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Cover Crop Annual Ryegrass – Kill it dead!

I was recently in a field of ryegrass cover crop that we had looked at earlier and there is still a lot of ryegrass in the field.  That sounds good, right? It’s unfortunate that it was volunteer annual ryegrass.  This producer had not followed the proper steps to killing his annual ryegrass. We need to […]

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Is Annual Ryegrass a weed – part 2

Today, August 3, 2010 I visited some fields in Whitley County Indiana to look at fields where annual ryegrass was not killed quite perfectly this spring.  Even though the soybeans look awesome there is a problem lurking under the bean canopy.  That problem is a fairly thick stand of annual ryegrass.  I found ryegrass in […]

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