Cover Crop Radishes – differences in varieties

On May 29th I planted 6 different cover crop radish varieties in a plot.  In those 16 days we’ve had good moisture, and I did apply some 30-0-5 fertilizer around 60 days ago (with slow release N).  I had to thin the plots to have 1 radish per 4″ (recommended distance between radishes by those who seem to know those things).  I am doing this experiment for three different Oregon companies that sell cover crop radishes.  I have this same experiment going on in Michigan, central Indiana, and NW Ohio.

The goal…to identify the “best” cover crop radish.  I hope that by planting in spring and late summer,  we will be able to choose the radish variety/selection that works best for cover cropping in the Midwest.

I brought 4 varieties up from the plots to show the differences after 16 days.  2 varieties have nice long tubers already.  The other two have some catching up to do!  I have a feeling that they never will.  I’ll keep you posted!

Radish plot 016

cover crop radish plot...16 days old (and needing weeded!).

Radish plot 017

4 different varieties of "cover crop radish." 1 on far left I'll call "Stubby;" 2 just to the left of the stick look promising so far; 1 just to right of the stick I'll call "Shorty;" and the far right selection also looks very promising. all 16 days after planting.

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