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Cover Crops to the Rescue!

A Huge Problem Recently I was in Minnesota with Brad Hagen, T.J. Kartes, and Andrew Heath looking at Brad’s 1,000+ acres or cover crops.  Brad had not intended on planting any of theses acres to cover crops in July, 2013…his intentions were to plant them in August or early September.  But spring 2013 rains and […]

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The soil temperature on March 29, 2013 at approximately 4 inches in an annual ryegrass cover crop.

Do Cover Crops Keep the Soil Colder in the Spring?

Fact or Fiction? Cover Crops that Survive the Winter Keep the Soil Colder in the Spring than Fall-Tilled Soil This is a question I get over and over again.  And most of the time it’s not really a question. It’s actually someone stating to me why they are not going to plant cover crops. But […]

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Seeding Crimson Clover at "lay-by" in June in NW Indiana.

Is it Ever Too Early to Plant Cover Crops?

Is it ever too early plant cover crops?  YES. As many of you have figured out, I sell seed for a living.  I also have been a farmer or involved on the farm since I was a little boy. But first and foremost I am an agronomist. The temptation of a seed salesman is to […]

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