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September 5, 2011 planted Annual Ryegrass compared to Winter Cereal Rye in central Iowa in April 2012.  Note the dramatic difference in winterhardiness.

Cover Crops are Working in Iowa

Cover crops are working in Iowa! While that may not mean much to my eastern corn belt friends it means a lot in Iowa and the upper Midwest. Working with Sarah Carlson from Practical Farmers of Iowa and Tom Kaspar from ARS at Ames, Iowa, we’ve been attempting to identify what cover crops will be […]

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This field was aerial applied on September 16.  It was approxiamtely 50% yellow leaf. The beans were planted in 7" rows.  The cover crops in this field look very good.

When to apply cover crops into soybeans

For some time I have promoted aerial applying cover crops into standing cash crops.  We have a pretty definitive maturity set for corn when it comes to aerial application. But there is some question of when to fly cover crops into soybeans.  The range of discussion on this topic usually goes from 50% yellow leaf […]

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