Federal Crop Insurance and cover crops that live through the winter

This field in NW Indiana looks great coming out of the winter. Are there special considerations when it comes to crop insurance?

If you have cover crops that live through the winter and also take out Federal crop insurance there are some documents that are important to review.  Most of us have some level of understanding or experience that using cover  crops is a sound agronomic practice that helps our farms become more profitable.  Most of you also take out crop insurance on many if not most of the acres you farm.   Are there special considerations that folks using cover crops need to know this spring?  Take a look at the following documents for the best help.  The documents to review are: InsuranceCoverage_CoverCrops – 2011 – all 4 states and  2011 Cover Crop Fact Sheet Springfield along with Special provisions. These documents are for IN, IL, OH, and MI.  Please visit with your local crop insurance agent for the documents that apply to your region if you live outside these four states.

The important date is May 15.  Please read the documents closely to see the importance of this date!

The annual ryegrass and cereal rye look beautiful in the spring of 2011 in NW Indiana. The radishes are dead (as expected).



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