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Radish planted with wheat (at seeding time) adds yield? There are a bunch of farmers saying “yes, it does!”

While in northwest Ohio in the Fall of 2010 for a manure management field day, some area farmers told me that wheat producers are adding 2-4# of cover crop radishes per acre to the wheat in the drill…and experiencing excellent results. Some reported gaining 5-7 bushels per acre by adding the radishes.  Others even reduced their nitrogen application by 20% […]

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May planted Radish Plot final results 8/4/2010

It’s been 10 1/2 weeks since I planted my Radish test plot in my garden.  I have recorded photos and reports in previous posts and now this is the “FINAL JUDGMENT” of the different varieties that were included this spring.  I’ll report mainly via photos and captions.  Just a reminder, about 5 weeks ago I […]

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Cover Crop Radish – Rate Per Acre

In my cover crop radish plot I have thinned some rows to 4″ between plants and in two rows I have left them thick (I figure I’m at the 12-15#/acre range). After 6 weeks there are some pretty telling signs that 12-15#/acre is too thick and possibly a waste of money.  Most of the varieties […]

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Cover Crop Radish Plot from July 10, 2010

My cover crop radish plot was planted on May 29, 2010 and now 6 weeks later we can see some characteristics even different from 2 weeks ago.  A variety that was 8-9″ deep 2 weeks ago still appears to have that same depth.  Another that I called “Stubby” is now looking quite interesting!  Yet another […]

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How deep can radish roots go?

After 6 weeks my GroundHog Radish is around 12″ deep and 1″ in circumference at the top.  How deep can radish roots go?  Because we need to know things like that I have been doing quite a bit of research.  The attached chart shows how deep some radishes can go…over 4 feet deep!  WOW!

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Radish Plot Report from June 26

I planted a cover crop Radish plot over Memorial Day Weekend (5/29) in my garden plot.  I have 5 varieties in the plot from around the world.  My goal is to see what differences there are in the different Radishes being sold in the USA for cover crops.  I replicated the plots so that each […]

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Cover Crop Radishes and Turnips…what are their differences?

The cover crop radishes and forage turnips that I accidentally planted in my wife’s wildflower garden just over 4 weeks ago lets me make some observations about the differences between the radish and turnip roots.  The radishes have a fairly “hairless” root that has very quickly reached 7 ” deep.  On the other hand, the […]

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Cover Crop Radishes – differences in varieties

On May 29th I planted 6 different cover crop radish varieties in a plot.  In those 16 days we’ve had good moisture, and I did apply some 30-0-5 fertilizer around 60 days ago (with slow release N).  I had to thin the plots to have 1 radish per 4″ (recommended distance between radishes by those […]

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Cover Crop Radishes – What they do

Cover crop radishes are “all the buzz” these days in the cover crop world.  Cover crop radishes should have fairly large tubers that penetrate the soil and add many benefits.  The main benefits are that they enhance percolation and aeration.  Additionally they provide food for earthworms like few other cover crops.  It is quite common […]

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