Cover Crop Radish Plot from July 10, 2010

Radish plot 7-10 022

Groundhog cover crop radish was consistently the largest tuber in the plot

Radish plot 7-10 013

This variety is one I called "Stubby" 2 weeks ago...I'm not sure what to call it now! Maybe "the most interesting radish in the world..."

My cover crop radish plot was planted on May 29, 2010 and now 6 weeks later we can see some characteristics even different from 2 weeks ago. 

A variety that was 8-9″ deep 2 weeks ago still appears to have that same depth. 

Another that I called “Stubby” is now looking quite interesting! 

Yet another variety, Groundhog, is showing the best depth and girth so far…at least the biggest girth at 8-9″ deep. 

One variety has a very long tap root but very little girth at all…in fact it looks like a small turnip with a 15″ tap root! I’ll leave the plot in for another few weeks but then rip it out and plant some late squash for the family.

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