Cover Crop Radish – Rate Per Acre

Radish plot 7-10 028

Two different cover crop radish varieties both had larger tubers in the area where I thinned the plants to 4" apart (shown).

In my cover crop radish plot I have thinned some rows to 4″ between plants and in two rows I have left them thick (I figure I’m at the 12-15#/acre range). After 6 weeks there are some pretty telling signs that 12-15#/acre is too thick and possibly a waste of money.  Most of the varieties that have been thinned to 4″ have larger tubers than in the thicker plots.  That is not always the case, but I think it’s safe to say that the heavier planted radishes do not have the larger of the tubers.

Radish plot 7-10 011

Cover crop radish tubers planted at the 12-15#/acre rate after 6 weeks.

Radish plot 7-10 013

Here is the same variety at 6 weeks when thinned to the approximately 5#/acre rate.

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