Cover Crop training seminars are available

Would you like to learn more about cover crops without leaving your office or home?  If so, I have great news for you.  There are three recorded webinars available from CISCO Seeds.  These webinars were sponsored by N-Vest(R) Cover Crops and put on by Barry Fisher, Eileen Kladivko, and Mike Plumer.  These are three of the very best folks in the cover crop “teaching” world.  All three are very involved in cover crop research, and helping producers across the Midwest to learn more about cover cropping.  These seminars available thanks to The CISCO Companies, Indianapolis, IN.  Contact the marketing department at CISCO at 317-357-7013 to order you copies.

Dr. Eileen Kladivko from Purdue University is well known as a soil scientist who is passionate about cover crops.

Barry Fisher Indiana State NRCS Agronomist is one of the top no-till experts and cover crops experts in NRCS.


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