Cover Crop plots in December-What can we tell now? part 2

In this post we look at two more videos of mixes on December 2, 2010.  This first mix in this session is of Austrian Winter Peas and GroundHog Radishes.  The seeding rate is 30# Peas and 5# of Radish per acre.  The main thing we observe in this plot is the larger radishes than we saw with the mixes of annual ryegrass, crimson clover and radishes.  Now, in this mix there are more radishes than in the previous two plots (see previous post).  So we have 2-3#/acre more radishes yet larger radishes.  Again, this is NOT scientific, but it sure appears that the radishes, which are luxury consumers of nitrogen, are much larger…thus I conclude, have been fed more  nitrogen from the peas.  It was quite surprising to me to see how much the peas have grown sine I last saw the plot in early November.  The cooler weather seemed to really allow them to grow at a faster pace.

In the second video on this you will see the plot that appears to have the most nitrogen produced.  This mixture is of 17#/acre of AU Robin Crimson Clover and 5#/acre of GroundHog Radish.  In this plot the radishes are noticeably larger in girth and above ground growth.  In fact as you look across the plot it is obvious that this plot is the most “robust” in its growth. In the spring of 2011 I anticipate that the AU Robin Crimson Clover will still be producing more nitrogen.  From previous cover crop field pits we have dug this fall we have found roots on the crimson clover at 24″ deep.  So we have deep rooted cover crops with both items in this mixture as well.

In both of these plots you have excellent nitrogen production and nutrient scavenging!  Personally I like that for a cover crop.  What do you like?

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