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New articles out on Cover Crops in the Upper Midwest

During the week of March 18-21 I spoke at the Legacy Seeds Cover Crop Meetings to over 150 people in three Wisconsin towns about cover crops.  During each meeting I showed why folks should consider using cover crops (erosion control, nutrient management, compaction reduction, aeration/infiltration, etc…).  I also implored producers to be creative about applying […]

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The soil temperature on March 29, 2013 at approximately 4 inches in an annual ryegrass cover crop.

Do Cover Crops Keep the Soil Colder in the Spring?

Fact or Fiction? Cover Crops that Survive the Winter Keep the Soil Colder in the Spring than Fall-Tilled Soil This is a question I get over and over again.  And most of the time it’s not really a question. It’s actually someone stating to me why they are not going to plant cover crops. But […]

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Farmer Report from Ohio – Planting into “Out of Control” Peas

My good friend David from Mercer County, Ohio is a great cover crop advocate.  Over the past few years he and his father-in-law have begun planting cover crops after their wheat crop is harvested.  The first year he planted oats and cover crop radish and this past year they planted a mixture called N-Vest® Groundbreaker […]

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No-Till Soybeans planted into Cereal Rye 7-1-11

Photo Diary – Soybeans planted into a Cereal Rye cover crop- part 2

I am so pleased to present these photos of how well my friend Dave’s soybeans planted into tall cereal rye looks. Dave is from central Indiana between Indy and Lafayette. See the previous photo diary here.  I know Dave gained lots of encouragement to try this from Howard and Mike Weller from the Continental, Ohio […]

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Corn Planted into "Forager Mix" - a mix of Oats, Cereal Rye, and Appin Turnips

Do Cover Crops Hinder Corn Population?

Cover Crop Problems? I often hear folks saying that farmers should be careful planting into cover crops. There is fear that: “there will be slugs.” you “can’t adequately kill the cover crops.” you can’t depend on getting a “normal” stand. Well, here we are after one of the wettest Springs in the Eastern Corn Belt […]

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