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Pasja with Pearl Millet

Prevented Planting Seeding Options

I recorded this video a few weeks ago for the seed company I work for. After receiving numerous calls and e-mails asking for help on what to plant, I decided to put this presentation together.  Many of the options I mentioned as being viable to plant in mid-June can still be planted in July. Please […]

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There are thousands upon Thousands of acres - mainly in the upper Midwest not planted in early June 2013.

Cover Crops and Prevented Planting Guidelines

Over the past few weeks I have heard from countless farmers in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, and Iowa that are considering taking prevented planting on all or parts of their farms. Growers Edge just published an excellent piece Prevented Planting Guidelines.  Also see my articles on Prevented Planting Row Crop Acres – Which Cover […]

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Annual ryegrass on the left and cereal rye on the right.  Look at the massive amount of cover on the annual ryegrass!

NRCS Cover Crop Termination Guidelines Non-Irrigated Cropland

I appreciate Mike Baise from American Farmland Trust for sending me the document  NRCS Cover Crop Termination Guidelines Non-Irrigated Cropland.  The document was published June 2013 and should be very helpful to everyone using cover crops.  

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Some of the water that runs from Terry McClure’s Paulding County farm is captured for tests. ERIC ALBRECHT | DISPATCH PHOTOS Image 2 of 3

“Tracking Phosphorus Fresh from the Farm”

I recently saw a newspaper article “Tracking Phosphorous Fresh from the Farm” written by Spencer Hunt (shunt@dispatch.com) from The Columbus Dispatch Sunday May 26, 2013 9:03 AM and I found it to be a good read.  There are great things going on to help farmers do their best to be good stewards of the land […]

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More rain tonight on already flooded fields create a tough situation for many Midwestern farmers.

Prevented Planting Row Crop Acres – Which Cover Crops Can Help?

The following was originally posted on May 27, 2011 when the Eastern Corn Belt was suffering with severe flooding and wet conditions.  In 2013 the Upper Midwest – especially Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin – is flooded and wet.  Many farmers are considering taking the crop insurance for prevented planting.  Even if it would stop raining […]

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Sudangrass can get quite tall and yield a plenty if managed well.

Summer Annual Grasses for Cover Crops for Prevented Planting Acres

With an abundance of prevented planting acres in Wisconsin and Minnesota in 2013, there is a need for cover crops to help build soil during the soil’s “idle” time.  In this post I’ll mainly focus on summer annual grasses that work well in the Midwest. These recommendations will focus on whether feed is needed or […]

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Robison Farms Soil temperatures Spring 2013

Myths Debunked on Cover Crops and Colder Soil Temperatures? – Final Report

Sometimes apparent myths prove to be true and sometimes they prove to be…myths!  In March 2013 I asked my brother Don Robison from Robison Farms to help me figure out how cover crops might effect soil temperatures.  We have looked at data in previous posts trying to answer the question “Do Cover Crops that Survive […]

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Rye Pit

Root Pit Reveals 40″ Cereal Rye Roots

I am blessed to hear from farmers around the world about their cover cropping adventures.  One young man, Brian Scott, from Carroll County, Indiana has generously shared his information with me again this spring.  This post is Brian’s report from early May, 2013.  To see Brian’s photographs, click here. We dug a few pits in […]

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Cover Crop Champions Wanted

National Wildlife Federation has extended the deadline for submitting applications for farmer cover crops champions and outreach cover crop champions – local and regional cover crop leaders who can provide region-specific information and farming knowledge to farmers and crop advisors. Selected applicants will receive benefits in the form of financial support for time and travel, […]

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Surprise!  That's what our reaction was to the volunteer annual ryegrass growing in our fields nearly 18 months after they were sown.

Cover Crops: Buy One Year, Get Another Year Free

Almost two years to the day I posted an article about Killing Tall Annual Ryegrass. The problem of a wet and chilly 2011 has resurfaced an ugly head to be a wet and COLD spring of 2013. But over the past week or so temperatures have warmed into the 70’s and 80’s with cover crop […]

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