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Should farmers be penalized in a wet and cold year for growing a cover crop instead of having a field of winter annual weeds?  Common sense says that a cover crop is better for agriculture than weeds.

Cover Crops and Crop Insurance – Spring Reminders

UPDATE FROM RMA–Haying and Grazing of a Cover Crop – FINAL – 5-8-13 Cover Crops and Crop Insurance on Collision Course again? Cover Crops and Crop Insurance issues seem to be heading to a collision course again this spring in much of the Midwest.  In the Corn Belt wet fields have prevented planting with less […]

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Establishing the row crop into a cover crops is vital for success.  Very rarely do I see this as a problem as farmers do a great job of "precision planting" corn and soybeans.

Are Cover Crops Profitable to the Farmer?

Cover Crops: Will I Get a Return on Investment Over the past two months my brother Don Robison and I have had opportunities in Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin to share a presentation entitled “Return On Investment from Cover Crops.”  I will do the same in Ontario and Michigan over the next few weeks. Sarah Carlson […]

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Each cover crop treatment out yielded the "no cover crop check". The top three yielding plots also had the least compaction and highest chlorophyll readings through out the drought stricken summer.

Cover Crops Provide Improved Corn Yields in On-Farm Trial

All of what is reported below was accomplished after only one year of cover crops.  This work was inspired by a conversation Don and I had last winter with Dr. Eileen Kladivko from Purdue University.  As I say in cover crop meetings, Don’t expect a miracle the first year – but look for one. Over […]

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Constriction on radish began at around 3 inches deep

Cover Crops Enhance Water Infiltration/Percolation

In late September of 2011 I was walking in our family corn field in central Indiana–in the pouring rain. Following the wettest spring in the eastern corn belt in 100 years we had a summertime drought that saw less than 2 inches in July and August combined. In that same time period we had 32 […]

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Goss's Wilt

Cover Crop Cereal Rye: Is there a (bad) connection with Goss’s Wilt in corn?

Cover crop cereal rye has been getting some “bad press” over the past month. It has been suggested that there is a connection with cover crop rye and Goss’s Wilt in corn (cereal rye making the Goss’s Wilt disease worse in corn). I have talked to a few agronomists who had never heard of cover […]

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Photo Diary – Soybeans planted into a Cereal Rye cover crop – part 3

My cover cropping and no-till friend Dave from Central Indiana has allowed us to look in at his farming operation this year. (Did you notice I have friends named Dave who plant cover crops?) –  In previous posts Dave has shared about his no-till planting and spraying soybeans into cover crop cereal rye and later […]

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Photo Diary – Soybeans planted into a Cereal Rye cover crop

I am very blessed to know a number of producers that are passionate about cover crops and crop production profitability.  One such producer is a fellow named Dave from NC Indiana.  (Dave is very humble and does not want notoriety so I will not use his last name or exact town.)  However, Dave has agreed […]

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Managing Cereal Rye

Here is a very good article from Penn State on managing cereal rye – via the No-Till Farmer website. http://www.no-tillfarmer.com/pages/News—Tips-For-Cereal-Rye-Management.php

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Winter Cereal Rye

One of the most popular cover crops is winter cereal rye.   It is a very versatile cover crop that has few disadvantages.  While it does not have the deep, nor fibrous root system that annual ryegrass has, it reportedly has had 45″ deep roots found in north-central Indiana in May.  Winter cereal rye can be […]

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