Earthworms…valuable resource on farm ground

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Earthworms are exceptionally valuable builders of  healthy, fertile topsoil.  Jill Clapperton stated that a good sign of a healthy topsoil was that a “shovel-full of soil” should have 8 earthworms in it.  In my  field diggings I have found anywhere […]

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When to aerial apply cover crops into corn

A few years back many said “August 15-25” was the right date to aerial seed cover crops into corn.  However, we found out very quickly that “dates” cannot be set…but timing can be.  While we know that August 15-25 often can be correct, we also know that following the calendar (like in the 2009 crop) […]

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Cover Crop Seeding rates DO matter

As an agronomist I try real hard to recommend the correct seeding rates.  For instance the “recommended” seeing rate on radishes has been 10-12#/acre but in reality only 3-5#/acre does a lot of good in mixes and 10-12 is WAY too thick (and expensive).   Annual Ryegrass rates for cover crops is 1/2 that for forage. […]

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