Earthworms…valuable resource on farm ground

Earthworms are exceptionally valuable builders of  healthy, fertile topsoil.  Jill Clapperton stated that a good sign of a healthy topsoil was that a “shovel-full of soil” should have 8 earthworms in it.  In my  field diggings I have found anywhere from ZERO to 10 erathworms per shovel-full.  I found 10 in crimson clover, 8 in annual ryegrass, 7 in my Austrian winter peas, 10 in my annual ryegrass/crimson clover mix and ZERO where I had no cover crop.
Earthworms thrive in many cover crops

Earthworms thrive in many cover crops

Earthworms recycle nutrients and encourage soil aeration, porosity, and percolation.  As earthworms multiply so does the opportunity to have healthy soils.

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