Now Archived and available: Cover Crop Webinar: Securing Unused Nitrogen in a Drought Year

There are thousands of acres across the Midwest that have been hurt by the drought in 2012. There is also a significant amount of Nitrogen left in the soil after such a dry year. Cover crops can help sequester N and during the Webinar we will discuss how much N you might expect to secure.

The drought of 2012 has forced many Midwest growers to make the difficult decision to give up on the crop and prepare the land for next year. The consequence? Significant amounts of unused nitrogen remain in the soil.

Planting a cover crop makes it possible to secure nitrogen in the field, reduce runoff, and recycle some nitrogen for use next season.

The presenters of this webinar include:

  • Tom Kaspar – Plant Physiologist, USDA-ARS, National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment out of Ames, Iowa.
  • John Meisinger – Soil Scientist, Environmental Management and Byproduct Utilization Laboratory, USDA-ARS out of Beltsville, MD.
  • Dave Robison – Forage and Cover Crop Agronomist with Legacy Seeds.

If you’ve experienced drought on your farm this year, please consider viewing this informative webinar.

The archived webinar is available at

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