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Crimson Clover; a jewel among the cover crop legumes

Crimson clover is a real jewel among the cover crop species.  Crimson clover is an excellent producer of nitrogen and there are some newer varieties on the market that are very winterhardy even into Michigan.  Dr. Eileen Kladivko measured how much nitrogen was produced by crimson clover in a test plot in western Indiana.  What […]

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Cover Crop Radishes and Turnips…what are their differences?

The cover crop radishes and forage turnips that I accidentally planted in my wife’s wildflower garden just over 4 weeks ago lets me make some observations about the differences between the radish and turnip roots.  The radishes have a fairly “hairless” root that has very quickly reached 7 ” deep.  On the other hand, the […]

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Cover Crop Radishes – differences in varieties

On May 29th I planted 6 different cover crop radish varieties in a plot.  In those 16 days we’ve had good moisture, and I did apply some 30-0-5 fertilizer around 60 days ago (with slow release N).  I had to thin the plots to have 1 radish per 4″ (recommended distance between radishes by those […]

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Cover Crop Radishes – What they do

Cover crop radishes are “all the buzz” these days in the cover crop world.  Cover crop radishes should have fairly large tubers that penetrate the soil and add many benefits.  The main benefits are that they enhance percolation and aeration.  Additionally they provide food for earthworms like few other cover crops.  It is quite common […]

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