Big Radish fed by Crimson Clover

The video below shows the value of Crimson Clover in a cover crop setting.  Crimson clover has been tested and shown to produce as much as 140#/N after it has been planted after wheat.  The plots in this video were planted around July 29, 2010 by the Jasper and Newton County SWCD folks (Thanks Dan and Rose) at the Churchill Farms near Lake Village, IN.  The mix is called Crimson Cover-All sold in the N-Vest(R) line up by CISCO Seeds.  The planting rate was 21#/acre (approximately 16# Crimson Clover and 5# GroundHog Radish).  There was under 3″ of rain at this site from July 25 through Mid-October.  The soil is a sandy loam.  There was no additional fertilizer put on the plot.  The Radish in this video was weighed at Country Acres in Francesville, IN at 12# 14 oz.  It was one heavy radish…full of nutrients and water!  As that radish decomposes the water and nutrients will be released into the soil for the 2011 crop and for building organic matter.

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